Samuel Simkin


Screenwriting, from the conception, to the outlining and creation, to the writing, re-writing and editing is often a solitary and occasionally frustrating endeavor.

Whether you work in Hollywood or far from it each script needs a champion to find its heart and pull it along to victory. There’s no master blueprint that will sell every script. The job, then, of a consultant is to know where the market is, and find the strengths in the story, writing and author that place them in the best location for success.

I use the knowledge gained from working at studios, production companies, and film festivals to help each writer reach the full potential of the story they are trying to tell. Each story is carefully crafted to balance the writer’s goals for the story with their goals for their future.

This site is still being conceived and created. If you have any feedback or testimonials you would like to offer please send me an e-mail here.

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