Sam is the life preserver in the complicated sea of screenwriting. His seemingly endless knowledge and perspective help to hammer out my ideas into tangible scripts. I get him involved in every script that I write, usually as soon as possible.

His approach is not a heavy handed, one-size fits all, but a gentle, persistent nudging to help the writer explore the full depths of what they’re trying to write.

Jeffrey Stoltzfus


Sam is the first person I turn to when I’m stuck, before manager, agent, or anyone else.  If I had my own production company, Sam would be the first person I’d hire.  He’s that good.  Maybe it’s his deep appreciation of cinema, or his respect for the artist’s intent, but he is the only consultant I know that tailors his theory to fit a script as opposed to the other way around.  Everyone Sam consults emerges from the process a better storyteller.  I know he is not fond of this moniker, but I refer to him as the “Goose That Lays the Golden Notes.” 

Mario Moreno